Building Services

Modeling building energy performance is an important tool when iterating a high performance building design. Our Elite team has deep building modeling experience that allows us to efficiently deliver modeled performance throughout the design process, ensuring that the project energy performance goals will get achieved.

HVAC Desgin

Elite Design Services are well versed with the technicalities and standards that are must for a good quality HVAC designs. Factors such as location, structure & type of building, dependence on the system and environment play significant role when the system works for you. We focus on each one of these factors and consider their importance while designing HVAC. Theres no constraint for us when it comes to various kinds of heating.Design services includes HVAC design.

To deliver a high class HVAC Drafting Services we employ a high-tech approach and standards along with using modern technology. Every document is extensively and custom made for proper installment, backed by long term service and support. The designs are all time available in our database for the clients. Our main motive is to efficiently conduct various types of HVAC projects for you and ensure that you receive exceptional services from us.

Plumbing Desgin

We offer you extreme high quality plumbing design and drafting services. We are one of the most renowned companies in this sector and have been dominating the market for more than a decade now. We prepare simple documents which help you decipher our solutions better. However, we make sure that there has not been no lost of information while making documents simpler.

Plumbing plays a very critical role in maintaining health and safety demanded by the designs. It is more or less a link between the building or structure and the people living or associated with it.

Electrical Design

Elitetotality is India's dedicated outsourcing Electrical Design and Drafting Services Company offering superlative and quality Electrical Designs. End-to-end approach of delivering high-quality services and matching the electric logic diagrams with electric wires in a 3D space systems defined by 3D CAD is one of the primary objective.


Green Building Solutions

IGBC, GRIHA, USGBC, PQP and several others made several no.s of green rating systems in the world based on the different type of building.

Like IGBC Green Homes, IGBC- Green Schools, IGBC – Factory rating System, IGBC- New Building,GRIHA and Svagriha for commercial and noncommercial building.

USGBC LEED- New Construction, Core & Shell, Existing Building, Homes, Schools, Commercial Interiors etc.

Several different sections of the rating system ensure that a comprehensive green building is built. The sections are Site Selection and Planning, Water Efficiency, Energy Efficiency, Material and Resources, Indoor Environmental Quality and Innovation and Design Process. Apart from documentation and site implementation, the credits also address the features in the design including the building structure and the installed auxiliaries.

ETS is set up with an objective of assisting Builders/ Developers/Architects/Engineers in the following professional services to achieve the Sustainable building design and Green Building Certification rating.

We are expert green building consultants with deep experience managing LEED projects projects in all rating systems including: BD+C (new construction), ID+C (commercial interiors), and O+M (existing buildings). We have v2, v3 and v4 project experience on a wide array of building types for world class clients.

We will ensure that a smooth certification process is followed and that the desired certification rating is achieved.

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Energy Simulation Services

We deliver ingenious energy modeling services encompassing shadow analysis, location analysis, solar simulation, energy compliance, reflection analysis, acoustic analysis, daylight analysis, visibility analysis, light pollution analysis and fenestration analysis to its clients.

Our energy modelers have the acumen of supporting building owners and designers to enhance building design by executing value engineering analysis of various building envelope and system replacements to attain reduced energy consumption and carbon emission.

Some of the energy modeling software tools that we use includes eQuest, Revit, Autodesk Ecotect, EnergyPlus, Relux, and DIALux.

We generate virtual energy models of your proposed or existing buildings. These models can then be used by the entire project team to enhance the design or operation of the building by examining the association between building’s components and systems. This ultimately results in scrutinizing the cost-benefit of numerous building enhancements.

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